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Building and managing a successful business in today’s environment can be demanding.

Meeting commercial and legislative requirements, while managing growth and day-to-day operational needs can be challenging for owners and directors.

We work with our business clients to design a strategic roadmap that helps them achieve their financial goals and personal objectives. From business administration to industry insight, our specialist advisors will help you plan and implement practices that assist you to keep a close eye on the detail, while building a business that meets its full potential.

The team at q4 have played an instrumental role in helping Balance Podiatry achieve its business goals.

We have had our challenges at times, particularly during the merger process, but Kelly and her team kept their strong commitment to the customer.

Damian Vassallo
Non-Exec Director - My Foot Dr/Balance Podiatry Group

In today's competitive and highly-regulated marketplace, an effective business structure will support you to manage challenges when they arise. Our management expertise will assist you to implement a structure that meets your needs while minimising the risk and liabilities. q4 financial can advise on the best accounting, taxation and legal structure for your business.


Measuring your performance against similar-sized businesses in your industry can help identify issues and opportunities. We can help you understand your position, provide advice on interpreting the results and implement key actions to either improve or address issues that have been identified. These insights provide the action plan necessary to take your business to the next level.

Buying & merging businesses

Whether you are looking to grow your market, diversify your business or consolidate your industry position, ensuring your purchase aligns with your overall business strategy is essential. Buying a business should be carefully planned and assessed to ensure the purchase is commercially strategic and fits your business goals. q4 financial can provide the advice and support necessary to ensure this complex landscape of operational, financial and regulatory factors provide the right outcomes for your business goals.


If you require capital, our team can assist in directing you to the most effective financing options available to businesses and individuals.

Advisory board

Having the right leadership team in place often provides the best opportunity for a business to succeed. While most leadership teams comprise internal members, there is often the need to include an external party to achieve an additional level of accountability and deliver insights to support greater outcomes for your business. q4 financial’s business knowledge and fiscal expertise can assist in the establishment of these boards and participation to provide governance and advice that will assist your business to move in the direction you want.

Cashflow and budgets

Our team can assist you in managing the working capital requirements of your business. By assisting our clients to understand their working capital cycle we can implement strategies to manage and improve cash flow. With this in place businesses have the opportunity improve their overall cash position.

Management consulting

As trusted advisors to your business we believe in being able to value-add to improve your performance and achieve your business objectives. From developing key business indicators and performance goals to identifying weaknesses and risks, we work with you to implement the appropriate strategies to ensure your business is agile, responsive and robust.

Selling businesses

Selling a business can be a difficult and emotive process. Our team can prepare your business for sale putting the right processes in place to ensure its financial performance is sound, with accurate records and growth prospects to attract the right buyer and maximise the after-tax consideration.

q4 financial can provide complete end-to-end transaction support during the entire sale process using our integrated advisory, taxation and accounting approach to provide the outcome you require.

Succession planning

Succession planning should be a well-planned process occurring over time during which business owners or a family business can ready itself for the transfer of knowledge, skills, management, control and ownership. Our business experts can support your business through what can be an emotive process and provide important consideration to ensure that the succession plan makes financial sense, both for those exiting the business and those continuing.

Business advice case study

A well-rounded financial foundation means there a greater options when it comes to making choices for the future.
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