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Enabling Choice

Enabling Choice

When I speak to new clients they often have similar challenges, the most common being that they don’t have ‘choice’.

Choice can be many things to many people, whether that be reduced hours, travel or dedicating more time to family, hobbies, charities and other interests or causes. Having choice often comes from knowing they have done enough, saved enough, and invested enough, to allow them the choice of doing something

Achieving that choice and knowing what that looks like is often the desired goal, and at q4 financial we help, guide and challenge our clients to achieve this.

Enabling Choice was the subject of Kelly Hill’s recent speech at the Brisbane Local Medical Association.

Previously a safe and comfortable retirement was viewed as the ultimate goal, however we are seeing people now continuing to work in their chosen field for longer given their passion for what they do. It is from this perspective we are seeing people not looking to retire in the traditional sense, but rather looking for choice to be able to work, play and enjoy their lifestyle as they see fit.

One of the aspects that makes what we do different is the way we approach financial advice and planning. It’s why we have the q4 framework, and the overarching philosophy of ‘make your money work for you’, by ensuring each element is employed so that our clients achieve their financial goals sooner.

Having the choice, by knowing they have done enough, saved enough and invested enough, is a powerful motivator and one thing is for sure, it is never too late to start.

Of course, the sooner someone can start their financial journey by making changes today for tomorrow, the
smoother and less painful the path. We always start with an understanding of where our clients are today,
and then where our clients wish to be by when. Then it is a matter of planning and regular check-ins to
ensure they’re heading in the right direction.

It is not a set-and-forget strategy but a journey that requires monitoring, adjusting, sacrifice, and celebrating the progress to ensure our clients get to their ultimate destination with the least amount of risk and time. If we are clear on where we wish to be, everything else becomes much more achievable.

One of my most satisfying professional moments in my short career (I say short as I hope to continue this journey for many more years to come) was a conversation with a long-term client.

“Do you realise that you have enough assets, which will pay you sufficient income for the rest of your life, and you do not need to turn up for work tomorrow or ever again?”

His face, his appreciation for such confirmation, and confidence in that statement changed his world. Imagine the spring in his step, the next time he walked into his practice – because he chooses to be there.

Everyone’s journey is different and we see our role as helping clients understand where they are today, where they would like to be by when, and what exactly we can do to ensure they get there and live the life they deserve.

Supporting clients to have ‘choice’ is why we do what we do.

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