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Why we give

At q4 financial, we are privileged to be able to live, work and play in one of the most beautiful cities in Australia.   

We also get to enjoy plenty of open spaces and quality time with our families and friends on a daily basis.  When we are surrounded by all of these very special things it is easy to forget about the millions of people within our own country and abroad who do not get to enjoy what we do.

As a business that is interwoven with its community,  we believe it is not enough to sit on the sidelines. At q4 we are here to support and help resolve our community’s challenges. 

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Our Giving Program

In our second running year of the q4 Giving Program, the team will be putting their caring nature into action. For the 2023/24 year, the Giving Team will choose two causes (one for each half of the year) to dedicate their time, donation funds, and efforts. Working with a chosen charity or non-profit, the Giving Team will lead the whole q4 team to make a difference through community engagement. humanitarian giving, or environmental action.

q4 believes that giving back to our community near and far can make an impact on lives here and around the World.  The work done through this program aims to meet the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG goals).

Pyjama Foundation Supporting little kids with BIG dreams! 

q4 proudly presents our Giving Program’s next venture: The Pyjama Foundation. This extraordinary organisation is committed to uplifting Australian children in foster care through their Love Of Learning Program 

What we will be doing:   

  • Hosting our own Pyjama Day Fundraiser: 14 September 2023
  • Sharing the important work that this foundation does through our social channels
  • Supporting the foundation with donations of learning materials and books  

Embark on this meaningful journey with us as we join hands with Pyjama Angels, volunteers dedicated to fostering growth and education.  

How it works

The Giving Program will run year-round. For each quarter, a Giving Team is selected and they will choose a local community group or team, charity, or non-profit organisation that matches the designated themes.

q4 will support the chosen groups with a combination of: 

  • a one-time monetary donation 
  • promotional opportunities (feature article, social media posts, newsletter feature, and webinar panel)
  • Volunteer hours from our q4 team

The specific SDG goals that we aim to meet each quarter will be determined based on the group of choice. 

Team members volunteering

If you are part of a non-profit, charity or local community group and interested in being featured in our program, please email our team today to inquire. 

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

q4 are committed to help achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Through giving back we strive to meet many the SDG goals, specifically to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity.  We think that’s some pretty cool goals.

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