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Inside q4: Amanda

Inside q4: Amanda

Inside q4 is our ongoing series to introduce you to the q4 team. This time around, we are getting to know one of q4’s longstanding team members, Amanda Bugg.

Amanda is a talented and driven Client Manager who puts her deep-rooted accounting knowledge to work, supporting a diverse portfolio of clients. Of course, she supports her clients with account management, compliance work, cash flow tactics and other key accounting services, but for Amanda, it’s more about the relationships. Amanda says her favourite part of her role is providing support beyond the numbers and creating an emotional connection. As she says, it’s all about the people in the end anyway.

Portrait of Amanda against brick wall.

“I love the uniqueness of q4. I’ve truly found my place.”

Amanda Bugg

Coming from a small English seaside town called Felixstowe, Amanda started her journey into accounting after leaving high school. Amanda has always felt a connection with “the numbers” in her studies, so taking a BA in Accounting and Finance at De Montfort University, in Leicester felt like the right choice. While she says it often feels like she just fell into accounting, she also expresses how the subject just “clicked”.  

After travelling and living all over the UK with her family, they made the big decision to go a bit further and move to Australia. With lengthy and well-established accounting experience, Amanda’s skills allowed her family to get a visa and live out a shared dream of living overseas. Together with her husband and two young girls, they relocated to Brisbane.

Amanda joined the q4 team shortly after the move as an Accountant, working hard to move into her current role.

When she is not at the office, Amanda spends her time with her family and friends. Many days are spent down at the beach, body boarding with her girls and husband. She also enjoys spending time camping and exploring in their VW Kombi Van which also made the journey from the UK to Australia with the family!

Having a close-knit, supportive network of friends and family is important to Amanda which is one of the biggest reasons she loves working at q4 financial. She loves that working at q4 is not black and white and is not all about the numbers. “There’s so much more than just compliance work, ticking boxes and getting tax returns lodged. I love that we go above and beyond to support our clients and do what we can to help them get to where they want to be.”  Amanda explains q4 is a very different workplace to where she has ever worked before. “I love the uniqueness of q4. I’ve truly found my place.”

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