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Inside q4 financial

Inside q4 financial

One of the things we pride ourselves on at q4 financial is our sense of family, not only in our commitment to workplace satisfaction but also in the interactions we have with clients every day. As we continue to grow, our aim is to ensure the company remains true to its essence of putting people first, with the addition of each new team member adding to what makes our service unique and of value to our clients. Having recently joined the team, Bell Redgwell shares a little about herself and her role with q4 financial.

When the opportunity to join q4 financial arose, Bell Redgwell jumped at the chance to become part of the Accounting team.

Having heard good things about the company and its culture from Senior Client Manager, Alethea Rose, Bell was keen to be part of what she views as a family-orientated and caring business.

“They had a job opening and I’ve not looked back,” Bell said.

“Their values aligned with mine and I love It.”

Working as a Senior Accountant assisting clients in various aspects of their business, Bell’s role ranges from compliance work and accounting oversight, to analysis and assisting her clients to make the best decisions with the most accurate data.

“To be honest I enjoy taking the complication out of dealing with the tax office and simplifying the tax issues clients may face,” she said.

It’s a passion that began at school, with Bell’s interest in maths and finance leading her to study accounting in both high school and university.

“I was always great at numbers and was curious about how to make money in high school.

“My curiosity in understanding businesses led me to want to learn more.”

This would see Bell complete a Bachelor of Business majoring in Professional Accountancy & International Business at QUT, before commencing her professional journey as an accountant.

“I am inspired when we can provide our clients with solutions to their challenges or problems in their businesses.

“Whether that’s helping them manage their cash flow or being able to assist in other ways such as help them find a broker or a lawyer, etc.”

While being able to enjoy what she does each day, Bell said it’s q4 financial’s commitment to flexibility and family that has enabled Bell to approach her work and family needs in a way that works for her.

“Working at q4 financial has allowed me to make my personal commitments a priority, they are very family-oriented,” she said.

“I work part-time and it works very well for my family situation.”

This commitment is not only reflected in how q4 financial function within their team, but also in regard to meeting their clients’ needs.

“They not only talk the talk, but they also walk it too.

“They listen and act upon based on your individual circumstances, they know that one shoe doesn’t fit all and are willing to put that extra mile to make sure all the boxes are ticked.”

While only having been with the company for a few short months, Bell said she already feels part of the fabric of q4.

“Their values, work-ethic – and taste buds, are very much aligned with mine,” Bell said

“I come into the office pretty cheery too because of the team, their attitude and respect towards clients and team members is pretty incredible.”

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