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Inside q4 financial

Creating futures for the next generation has always been a focus for our clients and the q4 financial team. This extends to supporting the development and growth of our people.

We have recently welcomed first-year accounting undergraduate, Meg Crisafulli, to our team as an Administration Assistant. When she isn’t attending lectures at Queensland University of Technology, Meg can be found working with our accounting and financial planning team.

Here she shares a little about why she is looking to forge a career in the financial world, and how putting theory into practice makes it all a little easier.


A love of math and connecting with people, has found Meg Crisafulli undertaking a Bachelor of Business (Accountancy) and Bachelor of Behavioural Science (Psychology), kicking off her ambition to work in the financial planning and accounting sectors.

Commencing with q4 financial earlier this year, Meg’s interest in accounting saw her jump at the opportunity to be part of the team and be mentored by Kelly Hill.

“I have known Kelly for a few years, and the passion for q4 financial pours out of her,” Meg said.

“So with my interest in the accounting area and the chance to have Kelly as my mentor, it was an opportunity I was really excited about.”

Through her role supporting both the accounting and financial planning sides of the business, Meg has been able to reinforce her study providing context that’s invaluable when it comes to practical applications.

“I truly am intrigued at how the technological world will change the role of the accountant,” she said.

“Even in the last few years, the implementation of software such as Xero has had a huge impact; and whilst a computer can supply the numbers, they don’t hold any value until someone analyses and communicates what the data means.

“In considering this I’m excited to see how the accountancy role of ‘strategic partner’ advances in the years to come.”

In addition to learning the ‘ins and outs’ of an advisory firm, Meg said understanding clients’ situations and stories was an element she really enjoyed.

“Kelly explained to me early on, every client has such an interesting story and the rapport you build is most rewarding.

“It is this interaction with people and being able to help them in an impactful way that really contributes to job satisfaction.”

While there are many hours of study and exams still to come, Meg said her sights were firmly set on completing her degree and transitioning into q4 financial as an accountant.

“Being able to support someone to achieve financial freedom is invaluable and ultimately life-changing.

“It’s been really exciting to see how the business does truly operate with an approach that is customer-centred, and every q4 team member is invested in client outcomes.

“The transparency, cooperation and standard instilled within the business is a testament to Grant and Kelly, and I feel really pleased that I have been exposed to it so early in my career.”

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