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Inside q4: Meet Leisa

Inside q4 Meet Leisa - Image of Leisa with green background

Inside q4: Meet Leisa

In our ongoing Inside q4 series, we present the amazing individuals who make up our team at q4 financial. This time around we are showcasing Leisa, our talented and dedicated Business Manager. With a diverse background and a wealth of experience, Leisa brings a unique perspective to her role.

Leisa joined the q4 financial in April 2022. Since joining the team, she has applied her comprehensive knowledge of general business practices, information technology, and agile techniques, to contribute to the success of q4. In addition to her business studies, Leisa also holds a Diploma in Counselling and Dancing, highlighting her diverse interests and skills.

Leisa’s career has taken her on an exciting path beginning her professional life as an office manager for an accounting firm, gaining valuable insights into the financial industry. Later, she ventured into IT recruitment, which eventually led her to establish her own business. Seeking a new challenge, Leisa transitioned into project and program management before finding her way to joining the q4 team. She loves that her role at q4 allows her to combine her extensive skill set and experience to help lead and support the team effectively.

One of the aspects Leisa cherishes most about her role at q4 financial is the opportunity to work with an amazing group of people. She shares that while the team puts in hard work, there’s always room for laughter, fun and a strong sense of camaraderie. As the Business Manager, Leisa enjoys the diversity that her position offers and being able to engage in various tasks, ranging from HR and process improvement to IT and project management. Each day presents unique challenges and opportunities to contribute to the growth and success of the company. She has found great satisfaction in seeing large and complex projects come to fruition at q4, benefiting both the team and clients. With exciting plans for the next 12 months, she believes there are great things in store for everyone involved.

“At q4, the best part is the awesome people I work with.”

Leisa Lockwood

Leisa finds inspiration in the ability to leave things better than she found them. Witnessing ideas and projects evolve into reality, with positive outcomes for all involved, is a driving force in her work. Leisa’s dedication to making a positive impact is evident in her commitment to q4 financial.

Away from the q4 office, she cherishes spending quality time with her family. For Leisa, her family remains a priority. Whether it’s enjoying moments by the fire on their deck, accompanying her daughters on shopping trips, or exploring new bars with her older children. Additionally, she enjoys planning holidays, camping (the more rugged, the better), fishing, and relaxing at the beach. These activities provide the perfect balance to her professional life and allow her to recharge and embrace life’s simple pleasures.

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