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Grant Titman

External Consultant

Bachelor of Business (Accounting)
Certified Practising Accountant (CPA)
Certificate of Public Practice
Tax Agent, Tax Practitioners Board (TPB)

Professional memberships

CPA Australia & NZ


Past President – Brisbane Junior
Chamber of Commerce
Past President – Spike Triathlon Club

About Grant Titman...

A CPA and Director of q4 financial, Grant Titman brings leadership and the disciplined energy of an endurance runner to deliver ‘big picture’ outcomes for his firm and his clients.

Grant’s expertise includes and extends well beyond achieving profitability and growth for his clients’ businesses. His focus is squarely on helping his clients to achieve three key goals: extract wealth from their business; set and achieve long-term wealth objectives; and ultimately, enjoy financial freedom.

Grant’s clients are diverse, but he clearly has an affinity with established businesses and partnerships with revenue of $2m to $10m, who employ from 10 to 50 staff and are committed to growth and wealth extraction. Grant’s clients look to him for objective advice, an open-to-possibilities mindset and as a professional sounding-board who provides clarity, guidance and strategies that bridge business with personal endeavours to achieve properly integrated long-term outcomes.

An increasing number of Grant’s clients are in the expanding allied health and well being sector; indeed, he consults to the largest remedial massage business in Australia. Natural health care is an area of personal interest for Grant and one where his experience has led to a strong professional understanding of operational and business growth matters specific to the sector.

Grant’s scope of advice is significant. Working with numerous clients for 20 years or more, he has helped business owners to problem solve and to prosper.

He has guided business owners to weather the storms caused when major competitors enter the market and challenge market share. He provides strategies for significant outcomes that include doubling revenue and creating growth that results in considerable workforce expansion. He deftly identifies opportunities, predicts likely trends and ‘future proofs’ businesses by formulating the responses necessary for not just countering threats, but overcoming them to thrive.

Importantly, Grant counsels family-owned businesses on succession planning and strategies for smoothly transitioning management to the next generation. His approach is to integrate business lives with personal lives. This involves working with business owners to achieve personal wealth creation objectives outside the business, secured through substantial passive income streams as the business continues to grow.

Goal oriented and consistent, Grant believes that ‘staying close to the numbers’ makes for better decision making. Favoring the regular balancing and aligning of long-term goals with short-term objectives, he has developed a coaching and mentoring framework that enables q4 financial clients to map their future towards achieving their long-term goals. Never one to sit on the fence, Grant offers clear advice and a clear challenge for his clients to be accountable for their choices and aware of the impact their decisions have on both the long-term value of their business and their personal prosperity. His commitment is solid: Only do what is in the best interest of the client and never get lost in a short-term perspective.

Grant pursues dual goals – he is a leader who works both in, and on, the business of q4 financial. For his staff, he provides valuable mentoring, assistance and support and sets a very high standard of excellence. His leadership continually builds a team of professionals at q4 financial who are highly capable, empowered and motivated. This means that clients can confidently rely on consistency and continuity of service that more than meets their expectations.


Grant’s loyal, calm and well-considered and tenacious. A natural high achiever, he enjoys endurance sports and particularly triathlon – he has represented Australia in Olympic-distance events and Hawaii’s Ironman at Kona. He bought his first house in Brisbane while still at university and earning just $85 per week. He became a first-time equity partner in an accounting firm at the age of 26. A recent interest in golf is fast becoming a passion as he chases – and achieves – self-imposed yearly handicap targets. Married to Kelly Townsend, together they are raising an energetic little girl, often spending time on their farm just outside Brisbane. Here they grow fruit and vegetables organically and keep happy, healthy animals.

Grant hopes to be remembered for improving the financial and personal lives of everyone he is associated with; for contributing more to his community than he has taken from it; and for giving 100% in every endeavour.

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