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Personal Cash Flow Management: q4 SmartMoney

Personal Cash Flow Management: q4 SmartMoney


Do you often wonder where your money goes? Despite their best intentions, many individuals and business owners find that their high incomes are accompanied by only limited savings. If you want to save or invest more effectively but don’t know how, we can help you make better cash flow choices. What you need is a straightforward and convenient system for understanding your budget that can easily integrate with the rest of your financial affairs.

Our q4 SmartMoney service makes it easy to manage your personal cash flow.

q4 SmartMoney is our hands-on advice service that aims to provide you with the know-how and support you need to achieve your lifestyle and financial goals.

q4 SmartMoney uses secure software, also available as an app, to capture and categorise your daily income and expenditure. The software shows you exactly the money that comes in and where it goes out. And because we can view this data too, we can help you set realistic and achievable goals. We can also help you use the program’s budgets, reports and cash flow forecasts. In short, we can keep you accountable and on track to manage your cash flow.

Cash flow is the cornerstone of your financial independence, and this is why managing your income and spending really is in your best interest. Better still, when you control your cash flow, it will feel personally empowering.

Regaining control of your cash flow will enable you to make informed decisions that will support your lifestyle and wealth accumulation ambitions. The software provides access to real time figures, which means you won’t need to guess.  You’ll know your net worth, and you’ll have a better understanding of what your financial future may look like.

There are other important benefits too. Your cash flow situation influences other areas of your financial position including contributions to super, asset accumulation, investment strategies and savings plans.

Taking control of your cash flow is an important step towards understanding and managing your financial affairs, now and in the future. Using the program or app in alignment with our q4 SmartMoney assistance in goal-setting and accountability can make all the difference to your financial position and achieving your lifestyle and retirement goals.

I invite you to contact me today to discuss how we can help you find the solutions for your personal cash flow management. Please phone (07) 3171 4255 or email Kelly Hill at

q4 financial is known for helping business families to feel financially safe, confident and in control.

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