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Introducing q4’s New Giving Program

Introducing q4’s New Giving Program

Spend five minutes with any one of the team members that make up q4 financial and you will experience just how much they care. The foundations that q4 operates from are trust and respect; they show this by treating everyone – clients, colleagues, peers – as though they are family. This attitude of extending trust and respect is simply their way of showing how much they care.

It is not just about the clients that they support or the colleagues that they collaborate with, it’s also shown in how the team presents themselves in the community. This is what the new q4 Giving Program is all about. It is about showing the local Brisbane community just how much the q4 team cares.

That is why for each quarter, q4 is excited to be putting their caring nature into action through q4’s Giving Program.

As a team, q4 will support a chosen local community group or team, charity, or non-profit organisation with a combination of monetary donations, promotional opportunities to share what they do, and dedicated volunteer hours. Promotional opportunities include blog spots, social media posts and webinars all to share more information about the cause being supported.

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There will be a theme for each quarter and a Giving Team to lead it. For the 2022 financial year, the following themes are:

  • First quarter: Community engagement
  • Second quarter: Humanitarian giving
  • Third quarter: Health & Wellbeing
  • Fourth quarter: Environmental action

With these defined themes the q4 team will focus on meeting one or more relevant United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Having the privilege to live, work and play in one of the most beautiful cities in Australia, the q4 team knows that this comes with the responsibility of giving back. No action is too small. Additionally, in the age of extreme interconnectedness, q4 believes it is not enough to sit on the sidelines thinking “that is someone else’s problem”. As a business that is interwoven with its community, q4 is ready to support and help resolve their community’s problems.

q4 financial is more than just accounting and financial planners; they are a group of individuals who care about the place they call home and the people they share it with. With this new program, the team also hopes to inspire others to see the value of giving back.

Kicking off the first quarter for q4’s Giving Program, the team is pleased to be supporting the Rangers Netball Club. The team is passionate about supporting this club in their efforts to bolster community engagement, inclusivity, and diversity in sport. There will be more to come on this Club and how you can get involved too.

More details of q4’s impact efforts can be found here. To stay informed about our giving program and the activities our team is working on, join our mailing list and follow us on Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

If you are part of or know a local community group, non-profit or charitable organisation that is looking for support, please contact our team today.

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